Press release – MIPIM 2023

the 13/04/2023

Elithis, pioneer and leader in positive energy buildings,
will be at MIPIM from March 14 to 17 in Cannes with 15 projects for towers in 2023
Elithis, pioneer and leader in positive energy buildings, will be at MIPIM during the whole
duration of the exhibition.
Elithis has announced 15 positive energy projects for 2023, with deliveries scheduled for
Dijon and Saint-Etienne and four construction site launches in Brest, Mulhouse, Nancy and Le
Havre. Other projects will follow, notably in Bordeaux and Aubervilliers,
As a pioneer and leader in positive energy, Elithis has designed the first buildings in the world with
positive energy for housing and offices at standard production costs. These
affordable buildings produce more energy than they consume and
bring, thanks to a digital coaching system, personalized advice to their customers
users to reduce their energy consumption. These tips, coupled with the bonuses
from the resale of the green energy and an incentive paid by
Elithis to virtuous households, allow users to drastically reduce their
energy bill or even cancel it.
Beyond the environmental, energy and economic benefits of its projects
(see Annexes 1 and 2), Elithis manages to develop these projects at standard costs
through a unique methodology, that of the Lateral Management System of the
Energy and Environmental Performance. It allows to guarantee the performance of the
building from its programming to its operation, through the integration of the whole
of the chain of actors from the design stage. This system, combined with the unique integration of the
and project management in a single group, guarantees quality, efficiency and reliability.
time and cost control throughout the project.
Two Elithis towers will be delivered this year:
– the Elithis tower in Saint-Etienne: 56 apartments on 3,302 m2 , two levels of
offices and shops of 752 m2 ;
– the Elithis Arsenal tower in Dijon: 59 apartments on 3,393 m2 and two levels of
offices of 1,161 m2, followed on the same site by 56 BEPOS social housing units.
Five launches:
– the Elithis tower in Brest: 90 housing units on 5,672 m2 and offices of 1,032 m2
– the Elithis tower in Le Havre: 76 housing units on 4,340 m2 and a commercial space of 160
– the Elithis tower in Mulhouse: 64 housing units on 3,916 m2 and a commercial unit
of 128 m2
– the Elithis tower in Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy: 105 apartments on 5,056 m2 and
833 m2 of office space and 2,325 m2 of commercial space
Elithis’ highlight at MIPIM :
“The Elithis Arsenal Tower, new emblem of positive energy in Dijon
Wednesday, March 15 at 11am on the stand of Dijon Bourgogne Invest,
Stand N – Zone A+ / Riviera 7
With Thierry Bièvre, President and Founder of the Elithis Group and Xavier Jongen, Director
General Manager of Catella Residential investment management
Elithis team at MIPIM :
● Thierry Bièvre, President and Founder
● Emir Berkane, Strategy Director
● Claire Cauchetier, Brand and Development Director
● Appendix 1: Descriptive sheets of the Elithis towers under development
● Annex 2: SIMI press release reminding the benefits of the Elithis towers to
positive energy
About Elithis :
Elithis is a French engineering and real estate group, founded in 2003, among the leaders in
energy, environmental and economic performance. It proposes to the actors of the
and renovation of buildings and to communities with innovative, sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.
With more than 150 employees worldwide, the group has developed more than 2,500 projects in
over the past 10 years, and two major achievements:
● The design of the first positive energy tertiary building, an office building of
5000 m2 completed in Dijon in 2009. A world first whose characteristics
are still beyond the regulatory requirements and certifications of
of the construction sector.
● The creation and realization of the Elithis Danube tower in Strasbourg, the first tower
energy-positive residential building in the world, surpassing both technical predictions and
European and French certifications and even managing to erase the invoice
energy of its inhabitants.
With its two subsidiaries ” Elithis Solutions ” for the consulting and engineering activity and ” Elithis
Real estate ” for the development of positive energy projects, Elithis is today a group
integrated with a unique positioning, providing its experience, knowledge and
ingenuity to design buildings with energy and environmental performance
exceptional. In 2023, Elithis Solutions pursues its commitment: to accompany its customers in
tertiary and residential projects for which the operation is guaranteed zero fossil energy.