The Elithis Danube Tower: results after 3 years of operation

the 05/05/2021

Press release

The first positive energy residential tower in the world, the Elithis Danube Tower in Strasbourg delivers its results after 3 years of operation.

Completed, in 2018, the positive energy Elithis Danube Tower located in Strasbourg, with 63 homes, demonstrates through its results that the €0 energy bill, combined with a neutral carbon footprint, can be achieved on a large scale.

The Elithis Danube Tower allows :

  1. A gain in purchasing power with an energy bill at 0 € for the majority of its occupants.
  2. An excellent level of comfort and well-being at a lower cost.
  3. Carbon neutrality 30 years ahead of European regulations
  4. An acceleration of the ecological transition.
  5. Sustainable design/build at the same price as the market standard.
  • A gain in purchasing power:

The positive energy Elithis Danube Tower produces more energy than it consumes. It allows a an average of 1,400 € in purchasing power per year for the majority of its inhabitants who have an energy bill of 0 €. For more than half of them, the bill even becomes a revenue, since these households receive an average of 36 € per year thanks to the sale of their surplus renewable energy.

  • Improved level of comfort and well-being:

The housing of the Elithis Danube Tower is better heated – the average temperature in winter = 22.2°C – spacious, very bright, ergonomic. They are driven by a home automation box connected to an Elithis application allowing for the optimization of energy consumption to ensure responsible use and promote exemplary behavior.

  • Carbon neutrality achieved 30 years ahead of European regulations:

With Elithis, the carbon neutrality is reached now. Reduction of CO2 emissions to 3.5 kg of CO2 /m2.year, that is to say a division by 18 compared to those emitted in a housing of the existing park(source Ademe, Climat, Air and Energy Edition 2018).

For its living area, the Elithis Danube Tower allows to save 250 tons ofCO2 per year. That is the equivalent of 2.5 million kilometers driven by car, or 65 times around the earth. The average annual production of renewable energy of photovoltaic origin (kWhep) exceeds the needs of the tower by covering 108% of its needs, including those of the occupying households.

  • An acceleration of the ecological transition:

The Elithis Danube Tower is a building that contributes to accelerate the energy transition. For example, the energy saved each year by the Elithis Danube Tower compared to an existing building could supply the refrigerators of 2,043 households over a year.

  • Sustainable design/build at the same price as market standards

Elithis’ positive energy buildings are at the same cost as ordinary buildings. The Elithis Danube Tower fights against the artificialization of soils: the need for floor space is divided by 4 compared to a “classic” project. The reversibility of use is thought out on the long term (more than 3 generations).

For Thierry Bièvre, President and Founder of Elithis: “The results of the Elithis Danube Tower are in line with our objectives to increase the purchasing power of households by allowing them to stop paying energy bills, while enjoying healthier and more comfortable housing that offers a better quality of life. Elithis is innovating to develop this concept that allows people to live better, at lower cost, while preserving the environment.”

Key figures:

An energy bill of €84 per year on average (20 times lower than the French average)

6 out of 10 households have an energy bill of €0 and earn €36 per year on average from the sale of their surplus renewable energy

108% of the tower’s energy needs are produced by photovoltaic panels on the facades and roofs

❏ For its living space, the Elithis Danube Tower saves 250 tons ofCO2 per year.

63 housing units on 16 floors including 3 floors of offices

To know more about it : Press Kit – The Elithis Danube Tower: What results after three years of operation?

A design/construction that responds to today’s major ecological and societal issues:

➔ Combating global warming,

➔ Accelerating the energy transition,

➔ Limit urban sprawl and combat pollution,

➔ Innovate to reduce energy consumption,

➔ Enhance the purchasing power of households,

➔ Improve living comfort and well-being.

About Elithis Solutions :

It is with a vision of explorer that the subsidiary of the Elithis Group “advice and building engineering” accompanies the actors of the construction and the renovation of the building. Experts in fluids, energy efficiency and environmental performance, its teams of engineers propose innovative and sustainable solutions to optimize projects from a technical, economic, financial and environmental standpoint, making positive energy accessible to all and reducing or even eliminating energy bills.

About Elithis Immobilier :

Pioneer in the building with a low ecological footprint, the Elithis Group has distinguished itself in the design of positive energy buildings, i.e. buildings that produce more energy than they consume. Prior to the construction of the Elithis Danube Tower, Elithis delivered in 2009 another world first, the Elithis Tower in Dijon, a positive energy office building.

Other similar projects have already been undertaken by Elithis Immobilier in France and in Europe. With CATELLA RIM, Elithis is committed to a 2 billion Euros partnership for the realization of 100 green residential projects in Europe within 10 years.

Elithis Immobilier also undertakes co-promotional projects, including “Nouvel’R” with Marignan, which received a double distinction at the FPI Pyramids last December.

Press contact:

Isabelle d’Halluin / 06 03 00 88 48