PRESS RELEASE: Catella and Elithis launch the first “positive energy” residential towers in Dijon and Saint-Etienne

the 29/04/2020

Catella and Elithis launch the first “positive energy” residential towers in Dijon and Saint-Etienne

The French cities of Dijon and Saint-Etienne are the first metropolises to embark on the construction of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly residential towers as part of a €2 billion pan-European investment program launched by Berlin-based Catella Residential Investment Management (CRIM) and French building consultancy and engineering company Elithis.


The granting of building permits paves the way for the completion of these two residential towers in 2020, marking the realization of the Catella/Elithis partnership, which will continue next year with five projects planned in other French cities.

The towers will offer more comfortable apartments while remaining affordable, thanks to the use of renewable energy generation, which results in substantial savings on tenants’ energy bills.


Thierry Bievre, President of Elithis, says: “The green light to build in Dijon and Saint-Etienne means that we are on track with our partner Catella to develop the first of a new generation of positive energy residential towers that will produce more energy than they consume. These two towers will incorporate our proven technology and reward individual efforts at green behavior through artificial intelligence applications. Not only will residents have the opportunity to fully or partially erase their energy bills, but they will also benefit from lower tower operating costs through the least expensive technology choices for maintenance.”


The two partners have already identified more than 30 complementary sites in France, out of a total of 50 projects planned in the country’s major urban centers. Other European cities will follow in 2021 as part of a strategy to build 50 energy-positive residential towers in the next 10 years in the European market. The new Elithis Tower in Dijon will have a total surface area of approximately 5,000 m2, as will the Tower in Saint-Etienne. Both buildings will be located near public transportation and close to the TGV stations.


The positive energy residential towers will allow an average French family to save about 1,600 euros per year on their energy bills. The technology used in the buildings (photovoltaic panels and bioclimatic design to protect the environment and natural resources) makes the energy positive from the start. Elithis has already measured this technology in its first tower built in Dijon in 2009, and this office building always exceeds the regulatory requirements of the different labels, covering about 77% of its energy needs. Since then, in the French city of Strasbourg, Elithis delivered in 2018 and in a world first, the Elithis Danube Tower, a tower this time for residential use, combining positive energy and controlled cost.


Michael Fink, Managing Director of Catella Residential Investment ManagementOur first two developments in Dijon and Saint-Etienne are the beginning of a European residential investment proposal of a scale and ambition in terms of sustainability and social responsibility that is unprecedented in the sector. The towers will also be built in such a way that they can be easily converted to other than residential use if necessary. Despite all the energy and environmental performance features, construction costs are no higher than for a standard residential tower. ”


He added: “It is clear that the coronavirus pandemic will most likely cause disruptions and delays in construction, but Catella and Elithis are still keen to continue. We are convinced that this type of building is the way forward, especially in these times of crisis when household incomes are under pressure. Our positive energy towers are designed to be future-proof and we are already preparing to build many more. ”

Dijon, NTEA

The Elithis Arsenal Tower in Dijon “NTEA” will be built on avenue Jean Jaurès, at the junction of the city center and the Arsenal district, with stores and schools nearby. Dijon, the capital of Burgundy with over 150,000 inhabitants, has a strong local industrial and agricultural economy and the demand for affordable housing is enormous. Arte Charpentier has been appointed as the project architect.


With a highly developed industrial fabric, Saint-Etienne, capital of the Loire Region, is located 50 km from Lyon, and has more than 170,000 inhabitants. The Elithis Tower in Saint-Etienne – “TESE” – will be built at the corner of rue Cugnot and rue du Sergent Rivière in the Châteaucreux district, which links the city center and the manufacturing sector. This area is home to businesses, schools and universities. PPX is the project architect.

St. Louis Etienne, TESE


Last November, Catella Residential Investment Management and Elithis announced their partnership to build 100 positive energy residential towers in Europe by 2030 as part of a €2 billion investment program. Catella manages the largest cross-border residential real estate investment platform in Europe, with total assets of nearly €4 billion in 10 countries.



About Catella Residential Investment Management GmbH (CRIM)

Catella Residential Investment Management (CRIM) launched its first €1 billion residential real estate fund in 2007, which has generated an average net return to investors of 8.3% per year from launch through the end of Q4 2019. CRIM also launched the first European fund specialized in student housing in 2013.


CRIM is a subsidiary of the Swedish company Catella AB in Stockholm and its residential real estate business includes consulting services in portfolio management, buying and selling, and asset management. The company manages and advises several funds and mandates with assets under management of nearly €4 billion in nine countries.


About Elithis

Based in Dijon, Elithis is a French consulting and building engineering group, among the leaders in energy and environmental efficiency. The Group supports construction and building renovation players operating in the energy and building sectors by offering them innovative, sustainable and competitive solutions. Elithis has more than 150 employees worldwide and has developed more than 2,500 projects in the last 10 years.


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