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A technical and financial control of Technical Professions with no budget overcost.

PLUVALIA is an innovative and exclusive offer on the market of buildings construction and technical installations in order to provide the building experts with the best chances of winning their projects.

With this offer, Elithis commit themselves all along the project to obtain technical and financial results from the beginning of the request for proposal until reception of work.

This support offer is meant for all the Major companies in the Building Sector and the general firms engaged in contests and invitations to tender.

When entrusting Elithis group with the study of technical installations management, our clients make sure of having technical and financial safety and simplicity of response thanks to a turnkey dossier which takes into account the study, the building assessment and the cost estimate.

PLUVALIA is also a support offer dealing with the achievement stage via assistance in research, consulting and negotiation with building firms.

PLUVALIA is an exclusive offer on the market, elaborated on a relationship of confidential partnership and on a win-win logic.

For further information about this offer or should you wish to entrust us with your project, please contact + 33 3 80 43 52 02


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