Odaxia is the Elithis group subsidiary specialised in quantity surveying, dedicated to technical buildings services.

Based on a unique expertise in its field, Odaxia prescribes, quantifies and assesses the technical installations of the buildings on behalf of its clients, Majors of the Building Construction Profession, specialized and general firms.

Recent studies show that technical fluids account for 25 to 30% of construction costs in new buildings and sometimes up to 70% in renovation. They represent the fourth expense item in a building’s life cycle. So it seems obvious that controlling them and managing them properly represent a real opportunity to reach saving and profitability.

The 10 construction economists and engineers of Odaxia make their clients take advantage of all their technical and financial skills to boost the success of their business negotiations and the fulfilment of their projects. 

Committed and innovation minded, Odaxia’s teams establish with their clients a genuine partnership while privileging within the scope of a commercial relation a win-win relationship.


Odaxia Chief Operating Officer