At the core of Elithis group’s originality stands Egidia, which is the subsidiary specialized in the assistance, the elaboration and the achievement of real estate projects with positive energy and at standard costs.

Egidia mainly intervenes for the tertiary sector and industrial projects and assists its clients all along the operations: design, construction, exploitation and maintenance.

For each project, Egidia ensures for its customers a global management of the operations, while providing them, thanks to a dedicated interlocutor, with the best qualities of assistance and follow-up.

As a core subsidiary, Egidia materializes the unique expertise of the Elithis group and endows itself with the mission and the ambition of democratizing positive energy buildings and making them of easy access to everybody.

Contrarily to preconceived ideas, high added value buildings that produce more energy than they consume do not cost more. Through its subsidiary Egidia, the Elithis group proposes to its clients to build right now sober buildings at standard costs.  

Egidia Chief Operating Officer

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