"The German DreamCraft team, winner of the 2016 edition".

Well Building 2050

International competition for urban housing design

“Well Building 2050” is an international competition for the design of urban housing by 2050.
It is essential that we approach the buildings of tomorrow from a new angle, and that we update and develop those professions that will support the design, creation and use of living spaces in the future. It was on this basis that Elithis enabled the younger generation to express themselves through its international “Well Building 2050” competition.

The "Positive energy for all" symposium

Presenting existing eco-friendly solutions to encourage their widespread use in buildings

A national symposium, organised by Elithis around the topic of “positive energy for all”, was held at the Palais des Congrès in Dijon. The event brought together nearly 300 people from the construction sector and featured a wide panel of experts, including Joël de Rosnay, Alain Maugard, Jérôme Gatier, Marc Touati, Pascal Plotegher and Perrine Moulinie.

A wild future

Elithis invites the younger generation to become “Explorers”

Elithis asked students from the Sainte-Anne school in Strasbourg to create a monumental canvas. The work, comprising “1,000 drawings for tomorrow”, was displayed on one of the façades of the Elithis Danube Tower during its construction. Budding artists were given carte blanche to express their vision for the future. This was an opportunity to reflect upon the importance of the younger generation for our future. “Building a vision of the future to inspire action, stimulating the imagination to call to action.”