We have conducted
exploratory research
for our clients on a number
of themes
    • – Bio-homes / Ecodesign
    • – Wellness / Health / Comfort
    • – Anthropology / Sociology of uses
    • – Technological solutions
    • – Energy storage / sharing
    • – Renewable energy
    • – Digital solutions
is in our DNA
of the Elithis Group's turnover is invested in research and development
Academic partnerships with teaching establishments, universities and laboratories
Group laboratories
Photo credit: Govin Sorel
Elithis Tower Dijon
BEPOS office building
XTU architecture firm
Elithis Danube Tower Strasbourg
63 zero net energy homes

At Elithis, innovation lies at the heart of what we do, because we know it is essential in creating a home that reflects our sense of environmental responsibility towards future generations.

IDEAlab, our exploration and discovery lab, is committed to ensuring that its technical and methodological discoveries can be applied to the projects led by the Elithis Group and its customers.

Our Recent Innovations
  • ALADHUN – Energy management support for users, artificial intelligence
  • Flexi_FLOOR – Usage flexibility
  • TRIPLE FLUX – Technology, efficiency
  • Rafraîchissement Participatif – Digital support for users
  • SFI – Innovative training management system
  • MLPE – Innovative management system