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Well Building 2050 – 2016 edition: France Air to be official sponsor

For the second time in a row, France Air – French air-treatment specialist – accepted to sponsor the Well Building 2050 – 2016 edition contest.

Its Chief Executive Officer, Olivier Dolbeau, will also be part of the official jury of the contest. He will participate in the selection and ranking of the three best projects for urban housing in 2050.

Chaired by Olivier Dolbeau, the France Air group is a family business started in 1960. The France Air group is present in 25 countries, especially due to its 7 European subsidiaries and its Angolan branch. Its headquarters are located at Rue des Barronnières, in Beynost, France.
The group exports its key-expertise and products in more than 35 countries worldwide, where it achieves 25% of its annual sales.

The company currently has total workforce of 540 and a consolidated turnover of €137 million.
It owns 23 “Air Branches” in France, 7 European subsidiaries, including 2 franchised subsidiaries, as well as one Angolan subsidiary.

France Air conceives and distributes air systems and components intended for the industry, the housing and tertiary sectors, the hospital environment and the food service industry.
His primary vocation is to improve indoor air quality and optimize energy consumption while preserving the user’ comfort, whether at work or at home. As it masters the whole air-treatment chain, he is the only distributor to provide a complete offer for air systems’ installation.

Moreover, one of the France Air major assets is its ability to innovate: every year, the group invests 10% of its sales in the research and the development of new air solutions, especially in terms of ventilation and energy recovery technologies, as well as the association of different energy sources.

More information about the France Air group ;

More information about the Well Building 2050 – 2016 edition contest.

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